Delicious Soup, a tool that reveals your activities...

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Notice : Delicious Soup was gone for a while since changed its API. Now everything is perfectly working again !

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(?) You may wonder what happens with your bookmarks, username and password:
we only keep your username and bookmarks in our database (the applet need all your bookmarks as XML),
but we do not keep your password, which is only used to retrieve an XML file containing all your posts from

This project was designed and implemented by Olivier Zitvogel (me!) with the help of Sebastien Pierre (from Ivy)
I also helped him for a similar, but more advanced, visualization project called Revealicious. A must see.

Note that this version is a very early alpha. There is a lot of known/unknown bugs.
Feel free to send any remarks here.

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© Olivier Zitvogel 2005, all rights reserved (source code soon available under BSD license).